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Giga T Pro II Wireless Timer Remote

Giga T Pro II -
Wireless Timer Remote Control

The Giga T Pro II wireless remote control features a self-timer, interval timer, long exposure setting and exposure count settings for time-lapse, wildlife photography, astral and studio photography. It can also be used as a short cable shutter release to eliminate camera shake.



What's Different?

•  Transmitter On/Off button - saves battery power

•  Continuous shooting has been adjusted to mimic the
   rate of shutter speed on the camera

•  The Giga T Pro II has two timing loops, one embedded in the other -
    this feature  allows you to repeat the original timed programme as many 
    times as required.

•  Use the original programme feature to create a timed 10 minute 
   series of astral shots.
   You can then set this programme to repeat at hourly intervals.

You can set up a basic programme which allows you to set up a timed shooting sequence, defining the delay, number of shots, interval shots and so on.

You may wish to take 5 shots, 1 minute apart and delay this sequence by an hour.
The 'Repeat Mode for Interval Shooting' function allows you to repeat the above sequence every 4 hours for up to 99 repeats.

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See product brochure in the above PDF section for additional information on the Giga T Pro II.


Compatibility for Giga T Models

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Giga T Pro II for Canon
Part No. 1000 750.0


Giga T Pro II for Nikon
 Part No. 1000 751.0

Giga T Pro II for Olympus & Panasonic
Part No. 1000 759.0

Giga T Pro II for Sony
 Part No. 1000 752.0



  1. Will the transmitter of the Giga T Pro function with the receiver of the new Giga T Pro II?

    No, the Giga T Pro and Giga T Pro II are not compatible.

  2. Does this device allow AEB multiple frames at different exposures?

    If you are taking AEB shots with your camera in single shot mode, then you can set the INTVL parameter for example to 1s and the N parameter to 3. When you activate the Giga T Pro, three shots will be taken, 1s apart, at the three EB values you have set on the camera. If you are taking AEB shots with the camera in continuous shooting mode, then set the LONG parameter to a value in seconds which is long enough to make sure that the camera takes the three shots in a continuous burst (how long this will be depends on the shutter speed setting). You can then set INTVL to a value for the repeat time and N to the number of repeats. For instance : Set LONG = 00 00 10 (assuming 10s is enough time for the camera to take the 3 shot AEB burst ) Set INTVL = 00 15 00 (take a 3 shot AEB burst every 15 minutes) Set N = 5 (repeat a 3 shot AEB burst 5 times) In general, the Giga T Pro can be used for AEB and/or HDR but the user needs to take some time to set up both the camera and the GTP.

  3. Is the Giga T Pro II compatible with the Olympus OM-D EM-5?

    Yes, the Giga T Pro II for Olympus is compatible with the OM-D EM-5.

  4. When using the timer functionalities, is there a limit on the number of photographs I can take?

    You can set the transmitter function N (number of shots) to "--". This then allows an indefinite amount of shots (above 99).

  5. Can I use Giga T Pro for time-lapse photography?

    Yes the Giga T Pro timer functions are ideal to use for time-lapse photography of the same frame over a period of time.

  6. Can I use the Giga T Pro for stop-motion video?

    Yes. The Giga T Pro is ideal in the creation of stop-motion videos, as the timer controls can be set up to shoot a series of still images. These still images can then be used to create stop-motion video using suitable computer software packages.

  7. How do I change the battery in the transmitter?

    You will need a small cross head screwdriver to undo the screws on the back of the transmitter. The battery is a 3V lithium type CR2032 and it is mounted in a socket. Gently flick out the old battery and clip in a new one.

  8. Can I use the Giga T Pro to control video on my DSLR?

    It depends on the functionality of each camera model. The Giga T Pro connects to the remote input connection of the camera and as such only mimics the shutter release button, auto focus and shoot functions. If the camera functionality allows the shutter release button to control video, then yes, the Giga T Pro can control video. Many cameras do not allow the shutter release button to control video, in this case no, the Giga T Pro cannot control video.

Manual (PDF)

  1. Giga T Pro II Manual.pdf - Download this PDF...

Brochure (PDF)

  1. Giga T Pro II_A4-03-02-16.pdf - Download this PDF...

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