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Project MinE

ALS (Motor Neurone Disease)
Relatively little is known about the cause of this progressively degenerative neurological disease. There is still no treatment and the average life expectancy of ALS patients is just three years.

In 2013, an man called Garmst van Soest helped to launch Project MinE, the groundbreaking genetic ALS research. One of his initiatives to beat ALS.  Sadly Garmst passed away from this incurable killer disease in October 2017. Please take a small amount of time out of your day to watch his inspirational story.



Lets help Project MinE to find a cure
It is almost certain that the disease has a genetic basis. Project MinE is a large-scale research initiative devoted to discovering the genetic cause of ALS. The ultimate goal is to identify genes that are associated with ALS. The function of these genes may lead to disease pathways for which treatment can be developed.

In order to reach this ambitious objective, Project MinE plan to map the full DNA profiles of at least 15,000 people with ALS and compare them to DNA profiles of 7,500 control subjects to uncover associations between specific variations in genes and ALS. This type of comparative research requires enormous numbers of DNA profiles and is very costly. 

What can you do?
We ask that you help us to fight ALS and DONATE NOW.
If you are unable to donate money, then please consider something as simple as a charity sports event, baking stall, or jumble sale.

The sixth class children of Castlelack National School in Bandon, West Cork recently raised €320 for Project MinE by organising their own fund raising event.  They set up their own baking stalls, guessed how many sweets were in a jar, had lucky dip boxes and sold drinks, sweets and bric a brac. They even had a wet sponge throwing contest!  The children raised €320 and donated the money to IMDNA (Irish Motor Neurone Disease Association) as one of the as one of the children’s Mothers has MND.  The photo below shows the children presenting the cheque to Chris Hähnel on behalf on IMDNA.

With many thanks for anything you can do to help.
Chris & Michael Hähnel & the team at Hähnel.

In loving memory of Walter Hähnel

“This plan will work. But we need you.” – Garmt van Soest, 23 October 2017