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Our History

hähnel industries ltd are one of the leading manufacturers of accessories for the photographic market. Having celebrated over 65 years in business, hähnel have an excellent reputation in R&D and a well-known history of quality products and excellence in design.

From humble beginnings as a distributor of professional movie equipment in Köln, Germany, hähnel have progressively developed over time and the business continues to grow from strength to strength.

In 1958 hähnel industries ltd. first started trading under the hähnel logo in Germany. In 1975 it opened up a production company in Bandon, Co. Cork, Ireland, which has progressively grown over the years. In June 2007 hähnel industries ltd. opened their new offices in Bandon. 

Ever since the beginning, hähnel has been evolving with the market and the time, and adapting to market demands. That is why in 2022, hähnel industries ltd. moved their offices to Hong Kong, to be able to keep a closer eye on production and quality control.

Hähnel is proud to be a family company still, owned by the hähnel name, to ensure that its German roots remain part of the hähnel philosophy, which is centered around quality and innovation.

During the last 50 years the company has had many achievements. It was the first to develop the worlds only Motorised Splizer for editing 8mm film. From there, it brought out a slide viewer with a built-in screen and in recent years designed the first and only optical zoom light that gives even light distribution. hähnel then progressed into the charger market with the Pro 9000 high tech charging technology and thereafter developed the worlds first plug-in charger for Lithium Ion batteries, the Digital PowerStation DCL.

hahnel industries have well-established distributors throughout Europe and the rest of the world with over 25 countries now representing the hähnel brand.