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"Great output and really responsive!"

"Great output and really responsive!"


Picture this situation:

“A friend of yours, travelling from Paris to Dublin calls you in the middle of the night to tell you that he needs some photos taking the next morning.”

You have no other details but you have to keep all of your equipment in a backpack only!

My first choice: Hahnel Modus 600rt (three of these to be precise) can fit easily in my back pack, as well my 70-200 2.8 canon and my 5dm4). As a modifier I brought a small umbrella and a reflector to diffuse the light.

Simple setup but such powerful little lights!

Getting to the place where the photos would be taken, we figured out that the celling was too low to use an umbrella and the speedlights and it was too crowded to have things hanging around. So the only option was to take the equipment outdoors.

I thought that taking speedlights with modifiers outdoors (remember that umbrellas and soft boxes reduce the power output from lights) may be a bad idea, but I quickly realised that I was wrong!

Those little lithium battery speedlights worked amazingly, even outdoors. Great output and really responsive!


One would not think that those photos where produced by speedlights in an outdoor environment. Studio quality for sure!

And because Hahnel Modus Speedlights are wireless, I could control all 3 of the lights individually with the transmitter that comes with the kit. The lithium batteries were just amazing and lasted all day (probably 300-400 shots). So no need to bring AA batteries with you!

I’m not claiming that the Hahnel Modus is the only option BUT, the fact is wireless integration and lithium batteries make all the difference in the world.

Simple, straight forward, reliable and great output resumes my opinion about the Hahnel Modus. If you want to learn more about how modifying the light can really improve your photography, just give me a shout and I will be happy to explain all the steps of this photo session.

Other photos from the same day and same place below:



PS. Hahnel I’m looking forward to see a bigger and more powerful wireless and battery power solution that you may come up with. Maybe one day I will be able to use 1.5m umbrellas with Hahnel solutions!!


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