Inspire Wireless LiveView Remote Control

21 September, 2010

Inspire - Wireless LiveView Remote Control

The new Inspire by hähnel industries, features the latest technology in Wireless Remote Controls for DSLR Cameras.
Ideal for wildlife, sport and even hazardous photography, the Inspire features a built-in, 3.5” colour LCD on the hand-held transmitter that displays a LiveView image independent of DSLR.

You can then view these images from up to 60m away, ensuring that you take the perfect photo at exactly the right time.

The receiver of the Inspire has a built-in CMOS camera, giving a 35mm wide angle view of the image the camera is taking.
Control up to 4 different cameras remotely from
one transmitter and then switch between the LiveView
image of each camera at the touch of a button.

With additional receivers, you can then switch between cameras and review using the LiveView on the Inspire LCD.
The Inspire automatically saves a copy of the image taken. This means that the user can playback the images and still continue to take photos & review until that perfect shot is captured!

Cameras that do not have an AV output / LiveView feature can still be used. The built-in CCD Camera on the receiver sends a LiveView of the camera scene to the LCD on the handheld transmitter.

Supplied with AA Alkaline batteries, the Inspire gives enough power for approximate 6 hours. To achieve a longer running time, the Inspire can also be powered by rechargeable Ni-MH batteries.

The built-in mini USB socket allows additional power options, e.g. direct power from laptop, AC/DC Adapter, external Li-ion batteries or other Solar 5 V source.
Available for Canon & Nikon DSLR’s.

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