2-in-1 Laptop Power Adaptor

26 November, 2008

Press Release

November 2008


hähnel Industries Ltd


2-in-1 Laptop Power Adaptor


hähnel industries, one of the leading battery and charger manufacturers in Europe are appealing to a somewhat different customer base by introducing the innovative 2-in-1 Laptop Power Adaptor.


Specifically designed for use with the most popular laptop brands, interchangeable DC laptop connectors are included for practically all laptops of a specific brand.


The output voltage setting is determined through the individual connectors, which automatically set the output voltage (12V-22V. Max 90W), giving the user reassurance that the voltage is correct.  The LCD display then shows the output voltage for both the laptop and USB device.


This versatile product provides an additional power adaptor to keep at home or in the office enabling the user to power a laptop whilst simultaneously powering and charging a USB device.

Technical Specifications


ü      Interchangeable DC laptop connectors included

      for practically all laptops of a specific brand.

ü      Automatic output voltage setting 12-22V. Max 90W

ü      Universal AC voltage 100-260V 50Hz

ü      LCD display showing output voltage

ü      USB port output 5V up to 1000mAh load

ü      For the majority of electronic devices with

      USB charging facilities.

ü      Available with EURO or UK mains plug

ü      Easy and safe to use



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