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Inspire Wireless LiveView Remote Control

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Ideal for wildlife, sport and even hazardous photography, the Inspire features a built-in, 3.5” colour LCD on the hand-held transmitter that displays a LiveView image independent of DSLR.
You can then view these images from up to 60m away, ensuring that you take the perfect photo at exactly the right time.

Control up to 4 different cameras remotely from one transmitter and then switch between the LiveView image of each camera at the touch of a button.


  • 3.5” LCD displays LiveView image of the Camera

  • Built-in camera gives LiveView image even for those DSLR’s without this feature

  • Easily switch between DSLR LiveView & built-in CMOS camera view

  • Playback the pictures taken without having to go back to the camera

  • Control several cameras withone Inspire

  • Several Power options for every situation

  • Available for Canon & Nikon DSLR’s

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  1. Do you provide a shorter AV cable so I can use the LiveView capability of Hahnel Inspire without having a lot of cable hanging down?

    No, we do not have a short cable available at this time. We suggest that you use the supplied pouch to coil up the cable and shorten it to a suitable size.

  2. Is the Inspire compatible with the Nikon D800?

    No, the Inspire is not compatible with the D800. The D800 has video-out in digital format only and the Inspire needs it in analogue.

  3. How long will the supplied batteries last?

    Approximately 20 hours for the camera unit and 10 hours for the screen unit.

  4. Is the Inspire compatible with the Canon EOS 1100D

    No, the Inspire is not compatible with the 1100D.

  5. Do you have a bracket / holder to keep the viewfinder attached to the camera?

    We do not have a bracket available but are currently looking into a suitable solution for this.

  6. Does the Inspire have a battery save, or sleep mode?

    Yes, the inactivity time before the unit goes into sleep mode can be set on the screen unit. If the screen unit goes into sleep mode or is switched off, it automatically puts the camera unit into sleep mode also. The screen and camera unit can both be woken up by pressing the DSLR/Inspire view select button.

  7. If I power the Inspire from an external USB 5V source does it charge the internal batteries?

    No, an external 5V USB supply does not charge the internal batteries but it does stop power drain from the batteries for as long it is connected.

  8. What rating does the USB 5V external supply need?

    The external supply must be capable of delivering 175mA for each unit, with a stable 5V.

Manual (PDF)

  1. Inspire Manual Booklet.pdf - Download this PDF...

Brochure (PDF)

  1. Remotes Inspire1.pdf - Download this PDF...

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