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An innovative UHF Wireless remote control for digital SLRs, with interchangeable camera connectors for all digital SLRs of one camera brand.

433MHz Frequency is licence free in Europe.

Transmission through obstacles such as walls is possible.

4 digit code selector switch built into the transmitter and receiver, to allow for individual codes to be set, protecting against interference from other sources.

The hähnel Pro Remote Control provides for auto-focusing before shutter release and a lock in function for continuous shutter release and bulb exposure function.

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HW433 S80

Pro Remote Control for Sony

Compatible Camera Models
A33 / A55 / A65 / A77 / A100 / A200 /
A300 /A350 / A450 / A500/ A550 /
A560 /A580 / A700 / A850 / A900

Part No. 1000 736.0

HW 433 N80

RF Remote Control for Nikon

Compatible Camera Models
D5000 / D3100 / D700 / D300 /
D300s / D200
D90 / D80 / D70s
D3s / D3 / D3x / D2X / D2Xs / D2H / D2Hs
D1 / D1X / D1H

Part No. 1000 735.0

HW 433 OL80

RF Remote Control for Olympus

Compatible Camera Models
PEN E-P1 / PEN E-P2 / E-1 / E-10 /
E-100 /E-30 / E-20 / E-3 / E-450 /
E-420 / E-410 / E-400 / E-620 / E-550 /
E-520 / E-510 /
SP-510UZ / 550UZ / 560UZ / 570UZ

Part No. 1000 737.0

HW 433 C80

RF Remote Control for Canon

Camera Models
EOS 1000D / 650D / 550D /500D / 450D /
400D / 350D / 300D / 60D / 50D /
40D / 30D / 20D / 10D / 7D
5D / 5D Mark II / 1D / 1Ds Mark III/IV
Powershot G10 / G11

Also for Pentax K-7/ K10 / K20 / K50
K100 / K200 / K500
Samsung GX10/GX20

Part No. 1000 734.0


  1. My camera is responding to the signal of the remote control but some functions do not work. What can I do?

    Check all connections between the receiver cable and camera connector. Make sure that all connectors are pushed in all the way to secure proper contact between receiver and camera.

  2. Is the Wireless Pro Remote Control compatible with the Canon PowerShot G9?

    No, the Wireless Pro Remote Control is not compatible with the Canon PowerShot G1-G9 DSLR's as there is no input socket.

  3. What are the four digit switches on the receiver and transmitter of my RF Remote Control for?

    The setting of the four digit switches on receiver and transmitter must be identical. The purpose for the coding is to avoid interference between other wireless devices on the frequency. There is no other function between the two switches.

  4. How do I change the frequency codes? They are covered by a plastic window.

    The plastic window is actually just a piece of plastic film that needs to be peeled away.

  5. What is the maximum distance the camera can be triggered from using the wireless remote?

    The wireless 433MHz ultra high frequency remote control has an effective range of 80m+. Transmission through obstacles such as walls is possible.

  6. How do I activate the 'locking' function which then allows me to use the continuous shoot/bulb function settings?

    If your camera is set to continuous shoot mode, then pressing and HOLDING the transmitter button fully will give continuous shooting on your camera. After a few seconds, the light on the transmitter will switch off but the 'shoot' light in the receiver will stay on. At this point, the button on the transmitter can be released but the camera will continue to shoot. The wireless units are then 'locked'into continuous operation.

  7. How do I release the lock, stopping the camera from shooting?

    Fully push the transmitter button again. The transmitter light will be on for a moment and the 'shoot' light on the receiver will switch off. This type of 'locked' operation can also be used with the camera in BULB mode to allow longer exposures without having to keep the transmitter button pushed continuously.

  8. My camera is not shooting? This is happening most of the time.

    Please make sure that you are not holding the transmitter too close to the receiver. The transmitter should be at least 0.5m from the receiver when you activate it. If the transmitter is very close to the receiver the receiver can be overloaded and not function. This is not a defect in the equipment, it is inherent in all radio receivers.

  9. Is the HW433 N80 Nikon compatible with the D90?


  10. I have purchased the HW433 N80 but the D90 connector is not included. Can I order it from you?

    Yes, please contact Please note that an additional charge will apply.

  11. As the receiver fits onto the camera hot shoe, does this mean that a flash gun cannot be used in conjuction with the remote control?

    Yes, the receiver does fit onto the camera shoe, but it does not have to be used there. Once the the remote receiver is attached to the camera it will operate in any position, which can leave the shoe free for a flash, if required.

  12. How do I insert the CR2 battery into the receiver?

    The CR2 battery needs to be inserted with the negative end (the flat part) facing towards the spring.

  13. Is the Nikon HW433 N80 compatible with the D70?

    No, only with the D70s.

  14. Is the HW433 C80 Canon compatible with the PowerShot G10?


  15. What batteries are used in the transmitter and receiver of the Wireless Pro Remote?

    The transmitter uses a 23A 12V Alkaline battery and the receiver uses a CR2 Lithium battery (these batteries are included).

  16. Will the HW433 OL80 Remote Shutter Release for Olympus work with the E-500?

    Unfortunately, the HW433 OL80 will not work with the Olympus E-500.

Manual (PDF)

  1. Remote Control Wireless Manual.pdf - Download this PDF...

Brochure (PDF)

  1. Remotes A4-16-03-10.pdf - Download this PDF...

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