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PowerStation Twin V Pro

Discontinued Product

Hähnel Twin V Pro
High-end Fast Charger for Lithium Ion Batteries


The Twin V Pro Charger is supplied with a 12v lead as well as a mains adaptor & can be used at home or while on the move.
One or two batteries can be charged simultaneously & each with it's own independent charge control system.

2 charge control systems with 2 LCD Displays
– 1 for each battery

Charge time approximately 1 to 2 hours, depending on battery.


  • Variable charge current battery overheating protection – depending on battery capacity
  • Twin V Pro converts to a battery tester when power is not connected
  • Interchangeable battery contact plates
  • Modern style housing with slide-out charger cover which turns into a charger stand
  • Lightweight 100 - 240v universal power adapter & 12v car lead
  • Sleek modern design with brushed aluminium detail

    Part No. 1000 540.0  For Canon Euro
    Part No. 1000 540.1  For Canon UK
    Part No. 1000 541.0 For Nikon Euro
    Part No. 1000 541.1 For Nikon UK
    Part No. 1000 543.0  For Sony/Panasonic/Leica Euro
    Part No. 1000 543.1 For Sony/Panasonic/Leica UK
    Part No. 1000 542.0  For Olympus/Samsung/Pentax Euro
    Part No. 1000 542.1  For Olympus/Samsung/Pentax UK


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  1. Will the Twin V Pro DSLR charge the Canon LP-E6 battery?

    We implemented a major software upgrade for the Twin V Pro for Canon to accommodate the LP-E6 battery for the Canon 5D Mark II. Unfortunately, any previous Twin V Pro models for Canon cannot be made compatible with the LP-E6 battery. You would need to purchase the upgraded version.

Manual (PDF)

  1. Twin VPro Manual.pdf - Download this PDF...

Brochure (PDF)

  1. Twin V DSLR1.pdf - Download this PDF...

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Hähnel Product : PowerStation Twin V Pro

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