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HLX-E6N for Canon Digital Cameras

Capacity 7.2V, 2000mAh, 14.4Wh

Lithium Ion

Replacement for Canon LP-E6N

Part No. 1000 150.9


Setting a new quality standard in portable power, the hähnel Extreme li-Ion batteries deliver additional capacity, extra performance,supreme durability & ultimate reliability.

We have pushed the boundries with these new batteries & firmly believe that the are the very best quality that money can buy.

Each battery is injected with silicone giving them a very tough, shock absorbing construction with  superior circuit protection & additional electrical insulation.

We have carefully selected the best quality cells to ensure an extended life cycle, performance & safety.  The hähnel Extreme li-ion batteries are built to withstand the tough environments professional & semi- professional photographers face when used in extreme field conditions.

Using the HLX-E6N as an example, recent tests showed that the hähnel battery produced an additional 24% more shots than the original LP-E6!  Hähnel Extreme li-ion batteries not only match the originals but surpass them in performance, durability AND quality.

hähnel Extreme Li-Ion Battery Range:

HLX-E6N for Canon | HLX-E8 for Canon | HLX-EL14 for Nikon | HLX-EL15HP for Nikon




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